BLUE & GOLD WAVE Gift Set. 1. Face Cleanser with green tea & lemongrass. 2. Anti Bug Moisturizer. 3. Scar and Blemish Cream.

1. Face cleanser with green tea and lemon grass. Rose Hip improves appearance of your skin. Apple fruit is excellent for hydration. I am also using burdock root which is an anti inflammatory.  3 OUNCE TRAVEL BOTTLE.

A few secret ingredients.

Rub a small amount onto skin and add water.

My sulfate free products are formulated with mild ingredients for all skin types. 

I use a blend of natural botanical extracts which will refresh and tone your skin.

My cleanser is thick, yet it has a creamy texture, allowing for a rich lather that will remove dirt and impurities, always leaving your skin hydrated.

Paraben free. Soy free. Sulfate free. Gluten free. Cruelty free. Vegan.

2. Anti Bug Lotion and Moisturizer. Natural. Made with cocoa butter, coconut oil, shea butter and aloe vera. 3 OUNCE TRAVEL BOTTLE.

New rounded bottles with flip top for easy use. Easy for storage, travel with this in your purse ~ or just leave in your glove compartment.

My brand new EVERYTHING NICE Anti BUG Lotion & Moisturizer is amazing~!

Coconut oil which increases the flexibility of your skin and helps with stretch marks (see my Mommy's Belly Butter) ~ also, Cocoa Butter ~ it is known for its moisturizing benefits (natural way to make your skin soft) ~~ Vitamin E ~ the antioxidant activity may improve skin problems. It is a natural preservative too! Of course lots of soothing Shea Butter and healing Aloe Vera. Full of essentials oils which insects do NOT like ~~ You will. 6 essential oils including cloves and eucalyptus!

3. Natural Scar and Blemish Cream. FRAGRANCE FREE.  3 OUNCE TRAVEL BOTTLE

🔹Antiseptic 🔹Moisturizer 🔹Heals skin🔹Moisturizing barrier🔹Improving your skins appearance 🔹Natural Preservative 🔹5 additional ingredients.

🔸Fragrance Free🔸Cocoa butter🔸Tea tree oil🔸Coconut oil 🔸Rose oil🔸Rose hip🔸Vitamin E🔸Shea🔸Aloe🔸6 ounces with Grape fruit oil.

The reviews are in. 

🤩I waited for my Aunt to finish a smaller jar and the results are in. It’s working on her radiation scars and scars from an operation.

💦Most importantly her skin feels hydrated and comfortable again (that’s what she told me)

My Grandsons baby acne went away immediately 

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