Calm The Spirit. Hydrating Botanical Mist for your face, body and hair. Chamomile. Palmarosa. Black Pepper Oil. Antibacterial properties.

Calm The Spirit Hydrating Botanical Mist.

Chamomile. Hydrating Botanical Mist with Aloe Leaf and Cucumber.

Restorative Effects. Can reduce wrinkles and acne. Antibacterial properties (kills acne causing bacteria)

Black Pepper Oil. Derived from the black pepper plant. Improves circulation. Cramps. Spasms. Vitamin K to help with circulation.

Palmarosa. Slight floral scent. Citrus. Hydrates your skin. Glowing skin. Lemongrass and soft citrus are as refreshing as it gets. 

Are you acne prone? This is for you!

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