Original Christmas Farm Inn LOTION is back. NEW 8 OUNCE bottles.

Original Christmas Farm Inn LOTION is back. Filled with six essential oils, including cinnamon and cloves, the scent of Christmas in a bottle.

The Christmas Farm Inn carries the lotion, year round. If you would like the logo of the Christmas Farm Inn (as sold to them), please ask and I will take care of that for you.

I make lotions that will help your tired, dry skin. I make sure to add vitamins, and only the very best ingredients. I make all products in small batches, I create and adhere the labels and wrap all products to be sent to the very best customers.

NEW 8+ OUNCE BOTTLES of the shea butter and aloe vera. I add B5 which will help absorb my lotion into your skin. Vitamins A, E and D also included.

Brand new flip top bottles. NEW SEALS INSIDE EACH COVER to be removed.

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