Coffee Bean Guest Soaps. The benefits of coffee include improved circulation. Sisal bag included with ties and wooden bead.

2 bars per package. Included, sisal exfoliating soap saver bag with finished wooden bead.

Each bar includes a layer of Glycerin soap, cracked coffee beans, a layer of Shea butter soap.

Brand New —
Coffee soap— 2 guest size in a sisal bag. A sisal bag holds soap with a string— close it up by putting the soap inside. Exfoliates your skin at the same time. Hang to dry each time.

Did you know that coffee is an antioxidant? It stimulates circulation and it’s also a natural exfoliant. My new soap will brighten your skin as you feel a calming effect.

Each bar has chopped coffee beans, glycerin, shea butter and a little extra something in each bar.

2 to a package.

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