8 Bug LOTION and get a bug spray FREE. Natural. No toxins, no parabens, no alcohol.

$14.00 each with one free bug spray.

Natural Bug LOTION with Shea Butter & Aloe Vera - 6 natural essential oils including eucalyptus and cloves. New 6 ounce tube with flip top ~~ I have added coconut oil to this product and extra vitamin E. You will love this for your skin and it keeps the flying 'pests' away!

Additional ingredients such as chamomile, vitamin B and one more super natural essential oil

I have received reviews/testimonials from Florida, NH, and all around Massachusetts, including Cape Cod ~

A note from the Inn Keeper at the Christmas Farm Inn regarding my new lotion, 'EVERYTHING NICE'.
"Ok, so I tested the lotion this weekend, putting myself out there in front of the bugs as a guinea pig for my customers...and it truly works! After a weekend packed with Story Land, the Jackson Wildquack River race and a garden party I have ZERO bug bites. Karen, you worked a miracle with this cream! And everyone just loves the smell, too! Can't wait to receive it for the gift shop! Your Innkeeper, Sandra," The Christmas Farm Inn and Spa.

"This is my second order within a week's time. I ADORE the "Everything Nice" lotion! It keeps bugs off while smelling absolutely wonderful! And I love having something that I know isn't detrimental to my grandchildren. Oh Karen -- PLEASE don't stop making this lotion! We adore it! " Emily, Marion, IL
Check my FB page and this page for additional reviews from shops.

Always a free gift with every order! You deserve the very best.

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