HELLO BEAUTIFUL. Travel Set including: Clay face mask with brush. Sun lotion with aloe. Shea Butter Soap.

1. Each jar contains green tea, lemongrass, 🍋 rosemary, 🍃Orange,🍊 and always my secret ingredients.
Always Natural. 
Simply apply to your skin with my beautiful face mask brush and leave on as long as you like (20-60 minutes)
A SECRET: Long day, paint the mask straight onto your skin, (yes, right over your makeup), wipe off with a warm face cloth! Simply amazing! Clean brush with warm water.

2. Blueberry & Fig Shea Butter, Olive Oil and Glycerin Soap. 7 ounces of refreshing soap. Filled with antioxidants. Vitamin E as a Natural Preservative.

3. Aloe Gel with shea butter sun lotion. Sun burn cream with pomegranate which helps protect sun damaged skin. Blueberry is soothing and fig will give your skin a glow. How could you go wrong?



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