NEW. Moisturizer with healing properites. Citrus or slight baby powder scent (very clean) with Shea Butter. Aloe Vera. Vitamins, A, E, C with chamomile. 6 ounce tubes.

Comes in a mild citrus scent OR mild baby powder scent.

'Baby Lotion Scent' with Shea Butter. Aloe Vera/ Vitamins, A, E, D, B5 with chamomile. Tall, sleek, flip top tubes, or blue jars with black screw on lids. Each jar comes with my 'made with love' jewel.

Natural ingredients for your face, and body. Face moisturizer, made with love, by me, for you!

Hydrates your skin while healing and moisturizing.

I use it every night and each morning. 

Free gift with every order! I appreciate your business.



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