PROTECTION for your skin. STEP 1 and STEP 2. FOUR malibu bottles per canvas and zipped bag.

PROTECTION. Step 1 (2 per package)
PROTECTION. Step 2 (2 per package)
4 TOTAL. Placed into a canvas bag with zipper.
Carrot Seed Oil. Mature and Congested Skin. Aloe. Shea Butter. Rich in Vitamin A. Skin looks smoother by hydrating skin. Green Tea.
I have added Aloe with the Shea Butter. Use this before going outside, on a walk. The beach. The Aloe added will help as a protective layer.
To hydrate your skin while outdoors, on a walk to the beach.
Once you return home. Wash your face and apply Step 2 which is a protective layer applied (Aloe with a few surprises) Green Tea an antioxidant.
MEN!!! This is great to apply after shaving.

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