STRAWBERRY CREAM. Foaming sea salts. Fine sea salts with natural pigment. 9+ ounces.

Head over to the strawberry fields and grab your basket. The scent of these very fields is what you will smell when you open up my bath salts.

Filled with minerals to help soothe your muscles, aches and pains.

You can soak your tired feet for 30 minutes in hot water and it is as close to a pedicure that you will get, in your very own home.

I make everything myself, including filling each bottle, creating labels and packaging.

You deserve the very best.

I couldn't have gotten this any better when it comes to the aroma of STRAWBERRY CREAM.
Remember, while watching television, sit and rest your tired feet in warm water with the sea salts. The best pedicure you will ever get, in your own home.
Soak tired hands, or just JUMP INTO a bath full of a pleasing aroma of freshly cut Strawberries.
Try out my matching soap and lotion.

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