ZINNIA Soap. 6 ounces of shea butter, vtiamin E, aloe vera soap. Apple, pears, apricots. Botanical Garden.

ZINNIA Soap. Made with Shea butter, vitamin E and aloe vera soap. Glycerin pieces in the center to represent the vibrant colors in my newest soap. I have tucked a package of ZINNIA seeds into a clear bag and each soap has a button embellishment.

If you were to describe the aroma of apple and pear blossoms, this is the scent. However, throw in the scent of apricots and even lilys, and you are just about there. I think that the scent represents SPRINGTIME at it's best. Very different, but perfect! As if you were walking through fruit and flower garden's all at the same time. A new favorite of mine.

Every order comes with a thank you gift from me to you, I truly appreciate your business.

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