Hello 2022!! Let's Get Started!!

My Little Story. I LOVE what I do. Work Hard. Help Others Succeed.

I love what I do! Making soaps, lotions and special, natural products.

Several years ago my daughter bought me a soap kit as a gift. From there I started buying small quantities of product from retail stores. I loved giving my products as gifts, to auctions for sale, all sorts of charities so that they could make money. I tried a few stores, to my surprise, they wanted soaps right away. Naming the soaps was simple, I am all about stories, memories and natural products. I have three daughters and each of them had different needs. So, I started creating and ended up with 8 stores buying my products, my Etsy site and lots of orders from different countries. My business is growing and I am meeting some of the most awesome people, so, do what you love, work hard (really hard) and create!! Thanks to all that might be reading this that have already purchased from me! You are the best!

My products are natural, paraben free and contain no toxins. Gentle enough for baby and a great soap and lotion for those that suffer from dry skin due to various reasons.

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