Testimonials ~ Thanks so much!!!

"I'm more than happy with my order with Karen. She is a professional, always was in touch with me, with any updates or with the tracking information. She made sure I got my package on time. A very wonderful experience, the soaps are super cute, original and beautiful. Contact her for your favors, you will be worry free!!"

 "Karen ~~ I'm speechless, the soaps are the best. You made my baby shower planning a wonderful experience! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I'm super happy!"

Dear Karen,
I just received your amazing and wonderful products. I am in awe-I love them! I love the feeling of your soaps that you create, they feel so silky smooth. They help me to relax and they have such a wonderful scent. It is a nice little escape from reality… so blissful. Your Lip balm is amazing. The hand cream is wonderful as well. One of the many benefits of your products is that it does not contain chemicals and is an all natural product.
Warm wishes,


“If you've ever had the chance to meet Karen, you know that she's as bubbly and sweet as her soap. She puts a lot of love (and endless experimentation) into her soaps, and it sure shows!

And we're not just saying that. Every bar of her soap has its own character and composition--from Fenway to Beacon Hill ...(can you tell Karen hails from Boston?), and far beyond--Karen is a soap-super-star!

We are working closely with Karen for the New Year, and will be offering some soaps that you can only find through Market36 (more on these soon!).

Hope you're all prepared for a clean start to the New Year!”

 "Karen, your product is what makes it work. We are all just along for the ride! No one would have bought again had it not been such an amazing soap - and now you are just branching out into all kinds of products! I'm so excited for you."


"I ordered the Jasmine gift set as part of an anniversary gift; it was amazing. The gift set was carefully wrapped in a fun box with lots of extra bells and whistles. Each product smelled so nice that the box it was shipped in smelled like jasmine and sweet plum. Karen was a pleasure to work with; she responded extremely quickly .... "


 "I get compliments all of the time when people hold my baby girl. The quality of the soaps and lotions is exceptional. I will be a repeat customer. The packaging is so cute! It made my day even though it was only a gift for myself. Thank you so much for this great set!"


 "I'm absolutely in love with Karen's lotions. They are so indulgent and they smell AMAZING!!!!! Will be back ..I would definitely welcome my business with Karen in the future."


"Great gift item for my son's teacher. Karen makes the best product, from the packaging to the actual quality of the item."

 "These soaps are adorable and are the perfect baby shower favor! I ordered the white soap with pink & blue, perfect when the sex of the baby is a surprise! ...the belly butter is an amazing product ..."


"Awesome product and smells delish!!! Karen ships promptly and she added in a free gift..... Lavender Soap.. that smells AMAZING !!!"


 "I adore this set! It smells just how a baby should: Delicate and sweet. The scent is also long lasting which is hard to come by..."


"Always wonderful, always quickly shipped. Karen, your shop is amazing. I will return for yet more of this fabulous-smelling "bug lotion.works really well on children also! We LOVE them!"

"This is my second order within a week's time. I ADORE the "Everything Nice" lotion! It keeps bugs off while smelling absolutely wonderful! And I love having something that I know isn't detrimental to my grandchildren. Oh Karen -- PLEASE don't stop making this lotion! We adore it!"

 "SUPER fast shipping, and amazing product! We got this today, and ordered more right away! Thank you so much, Karen! You're wonderful. :-)"

"Thanks Karen!! Got everything so fast, and it all looks so great! I cant wait to give them as gifts. And thank you so much for the little freebies - they are all wonderful. Happy Holidays!"


"It’s deliciously excellent!"

"Ethan loved his soap! He was so excited about the packaging and he loved the bug and monster buttons. He thought the shapes were great and I love the way he smells. We're completely satisfied as usual. I'll be talking to you soon about Mother's Day gifts. My mom has been hinting around about how good my Mashnee smells!"

"Karen....OMG!! This is a girly-girls dream. Opening this package was like walking into a party!! The smells are incredible, the soaps are beautiful, the cellophane is gorgeous...even your labels are happy!! It will be a little hard for me to start using them because they are so pretty...but I will quickly get over that because the scents are incredible"
"I have an estheticians licence and have worked in salons and cosmetic departments for years, and nothing I have seen is delivered like this! Anyone who wants to send a gift to someone they really love, (or want to impress!!) should be sending these soaps...Waiting to see you on Oprah."

"Thank you. I actually bought these to cheer myself up, and it's working."