Creating is what I love to do. Keeping products natural is so important for my family and for yours.


CREATING IS WHAT I LOVE TO DO! My Natural Products are made for my family and for yours.

All of my products are: Paraben Free. Gluten Free. No Toxins. Phthalate Free. Soy and Sulfate Free. Vegan. Cruelty Free. Formaldehyde Free. No alcohol. Non GMO. No petroleum.

I started my business 11 years ago with a simple soap kit and then went on from there.  

Making natural products for my family, was a creative, and extremely 'natural' move for me.

My business expanded into a specialty spa line and skin line.

Baby wash, baby shampoo and soap. My newest massage oil is meant for you, also sold at spas. It's water soluble and loaded with natural ingredients. I create new products for each season. Soaps, Lotions, Gift Sets.

Sugar Scrub, Mystery Packages, Body Wash. Face and Eye Moisturizer. Face Cleanser.

Pumpkin Face Mask. Shampoo, Detangler. Natural Anti Bug Spray, Lotion and Soap.

I have you covered, from head to toe.

Testimonial --

Brand NEW Eczema CREAM
'The new hand cream is wonderful. It so not greasy and absorbs quickly into the skin. Unlike other
creams I can go a few hours with out reapplying. I have eczema and sometimes the skin breaks open.
This cream made my hands feel and look great. It did not sting like other creams. Even the creams I used
that were for eczema had to be reapplied every half hour or so and were very greasy. This cream
absorbs quickly and leaves the hands feeling smooth with no residue.
It is a wonderful product it provided quick relief for my painfully dry hands'
"I have an estheticians licence and have worked in salons and cosmetic departments for years, and nothing I have seen is delivered like this! Anyone who wants to send a gift to someone they really love, (or want to impress!!) should be sending these soaps...Waiting to see you on Oprah."

"Karen, your product is what makes it work. We are all just along for the ride! No one would have bought again had it not been such an amazing soap - and now you are just branching out into all kinds of products! I'm so excited for you." Adrienne. Massachusetts


Enjoy my natural soaps, lotions and so much more. I create all of my products, package them and have made this into a family business.