WHAT'S NEW for 2018!

WHAT'S NEW for 2018!

New 'LOVELY' (SJP type) soap coming your way! Each resting on a cedar soap dish and wrapped with my new ribbon, Scented Soaps by Karen throughout the ribbon.
Working with an amazing company, in PA.

Scented Soaps by Karen is coming to Amazon this month. Bug Spray/Bug Lotion/Cracked Hands Lotion.

Partnering with a shop or two, I will wait for their announcement.

Christmas Farm Inn and Spa, new MITTENS soap with the original Christmas Farm Inn scent, now with additional oils including fruit, apple cider, the scent of Christmas at the Inn. Try my creme de mint and candy cane Lip Balm.

Beautiful new colors, always natural, made by me, for you!


Brand new oil diffusers! They are amazing. I have cucumber melon diffusers. I also have a brand new lilac diffuser. Each in a frosted bottle with screw on lid. 6 bamboo reeds and all of the bells and whistles for giving as a gift right away!

My famous (that's what you call it) bug lotion and bug spray is ready. Order ahead of time. 

Baby products and CRACKED HANDS Lotion! 

Introducing NEW cedar soap dishes made by my husband, Steven! They are gorgeous.




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Enjoy my natural soaps, lotions and so much more. I create all of my products, package them and have made this into a family business.

My name is Karen Shaw-Smith ~ I grew up in Sudbury, MA and am enjoying a lifetime of memories in Lincoln, MA and Cape Cod. 


KarenSmithSoap on Twitter

Cracked hands lotion, The Christmas Farm Inn lotion, Catherine, lavender products were my #1 hits this winter. Thank you so much for your orders. New batches ready and available to order. 

My number one hit during bug season ~~ has been my natural bug spray and bug lotion.(EVERYTHING NICE) Selling to several stores in Massachusetts and shipping all over the country! Watch for freebies with every order!

Testimonial --
"Karen, your product is what makes it work. We are all just along for the ride! No one would have bought again had it not been such an amazing soap - and now you are just branching out into all kinds of products! I'm so excited for you." Adrienne. Massachusetts

I love what I do! Making soaps, lotions and special natural products. Several years ago my daughter bought me a soap kit as a gift. I loved giving my products as gifts, to auctions for sale, all sorts of charities so that they could make money. I tried a few stores, to my surprise, they wanted soaps right away. Naming the soaps was simple, I am all about stories, memories and natural products. I have three daughters and each of them had different needs. So, I started creating and ended up with 8 stores buying my products, my Etsy site and lots of orders from different countries. My business is growing and I am meeting some of the most awesome people, so, do what you love, work hard (really hard) and create!! Thanks to all that might be reading this that have already purchased from me! You are the best!

My products are natural, paraben free and contain no toxins. Gentle enough for baby and a great soap and lotion for those that suffer from dry skin due to various reasons.

Check me out on my FB page: Scented Soaps by Karen
or send an email to Karenscentedsoaps4u [!at] gmail.com
Check out a list of boutiques and Inns purchasing my items under Info and Appearance

Email: Karenscentedsoaps4u@gmail.com

Shops and Boutiques carrying my products

Revolutionary Concord. Concord, MA 2018

Something Special, Lincoln, MA

Mermaids on Cape Cod, W. Dennis, MA 2018

Wendy Wheeler Clothing, 2016

FACETSetc, Groton, MA

The Christmas Farm Inn and Spa, Jackson, NH

Thank you so much for your support, and orders.  I appreciate all of the business that comes my way!! Enjoy Natures' Goodness.

Scented Soaps by Karen