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I absolutely LOVE what I do. Creating safe,

natural products for my family, and yours.

I have been making an all natural bug spray and moisturizer for 8 years and continue to receive testimonials. Thank you to ALL.

I thought that I would have my bug spray as my first item on Amazon.

My 'NOT JUST FOR ECZEMA' cream, will also be posted.

Thanks so much for this testimonials!!
Karen Shaw-Smith just wanted to thank you for your anti bug lotion and spray. For some reason this poor little guy gets eaten alive usually. He can spend just an hour in our backyard and has a dozen bug bites. We went to the mountains this weekend and he spent at least 8 hours a day outside playing around a pond. He may have been covered in dirt, pond water and any other filthy substance he could find but he didn’t have a single bug bite. I also had the peace of mind of knowing that he wasn’t covered in chemicals. So thank you 🙏🏻

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  • Janet Sutherland says...

    Hi Karen.

    I thought of you when I saw Gord’s hands today. At this time of year the cold rocks havoc on his hands. He has been to the doctor on several occasions but never has the best of luck. Often he brushes his problem off. I try to remind him to wear his rubber gloves while working at the sink. Always looking for that magic cure for him. All the best at this special time of the year. Have a wonderful Xmas. -Janet 🎄😊🎆😊🎄.

    On December 17, 2018

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