Honeysuckle Soap. New 7 ounce olive oil and shea butter soap. NEW

Honeysuckle Soap. New 9 ounce olive oil and Glycerin.

Honeysuckle Soap. New 9 ounce olive oil and Glycerin.  Vitamins, A, E and B5. I am replacing my original BIRDIE, Honeysuckle soap with this bright new bar. 

B5 hydrates your skin with healing properties.

Gorgeous new shape.

My Story about my Great-Grandmother.
MY STORY about the Honeysuckle soap, named BIRDIE.
My Great-Grandmother, Birdie cultivated the gift of adding color to a day - a new wood stove prepared meals circled by heavenly aromas, dyed yarn woven into rugs and sweaters, quilted stories, savvy business sense, to starting seeds for indoor and outdoor planting.

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