CRACKED HANDS LOTION. BRAND NEW and LARGER THAN EVER. 11 ounces. Australian Tea Tree oil. Coconut oil.

CRACKED HANDS Lotion is brand new and full of extra special ingredients. I recommend this for all, but, this definitely is a keeper for men.

Picture #2 shows you the difference between the older version and the NEW large 11 ounces.

A combination of soothing and healing products. Shea butter and aloe vera. Coconut and jojoba with 100% Australian Tea Tree Oil with antiseptic qualities. The scent ~~ Bergamot, lime, lemon and cedarwood.

 Testimonial for CRACKED HANDS' Lotion,. 

"And her lotions? I have issues with itching on my arms, phantom itching I'd scratch until I bled, that NOTHING has been able to relieve. Not Aveeno, not Gold Bond ... until I started using Karen's lotions daily. Since then, I have had NOT ONE instance of this itching. Amazing!
One last note - her customer service is unparalleled. She has bailed me out at Christmas, and made special trips to the post office, so I would have what I need, when I need it. I'm a fan."

'CRACKED HANDS' Lotion ~~ 6 ounces filled to the very top~ with antiseptic qualities.


Please note that this product is full of healing products -- coconut oil, Australian Tea Tree oil and a combination of soothing oils for cracked hands.

Always a free gift with every order and ALWAYS NATURAL~!!

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