Eczema Cream 11 ounce bottles. All Natural with Grapefruit. No toxins, no parabens. Now with Rose Hip, Coconut Oil

Aloe. Aloe Vera. Tea Tree Cream. Tea Tree Oil. Grapefruit. Pure Shea Butter. Vitamins, including Vitamin E as a natural preservative.Healing and soothing properties.


Rose Hip
Coconut 🥥 oil

This cream is extra special. Not only the ingredients, the way in which I combine them. How the oils are heated and then added at the right time, mixed and individually piped into malibu containers. I LOVE this new product! 

'The new hand cream is wonderful. It so not greasy and absorbs quickly into the skin. Unlike other
creams I can go a few hours with out reapplying. I have eczema and sometimes the skin breaks open.
This cream made my hands feel and look great. It did not sting like other creams. Even the creams I used
that were for eczema had to be reapplied every half hour or so and were very greasy. This cream
absorbs quickly and leaves the hands feeling smooth with no residue.
It is a wonderful product it provided quick relief for my painfully dry hands'

Always a free gift with every order, since 2010

I have researched the ingredients that will best help those with itchy skin, most recently had my sister-in-law try this to help her with her severe eczema. 
Make sure that you are seen by your doctor. If all else fails, this product is truly amazing.

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