Jiggle Soap. TEDDY BEAR. Bubblegum. Cupcake. Butterfly. Race car. TEDDY BEAR. Snowflake. Heart. or Teddy Bear. The most fun kiddos have while washing their hands.

Let me know which you prefer for your order. Cupcake. Butterfly. Race car. Snowflake. Heart. or Teddy Bear. THE COMPLETE LINE IS LISTED UNDER CHILDRENS LINE.

I have 6 Grandchildren who beg me to make the jiggle (jelly) soap. The scent Bubblegum. I took a survey from the kids, this is by far their favorite.

I have several shapes, each is placed into a jar with a screw on lid. Kiddos will definitely wash their hands.

Use the entire bar, or break off a piece. Either way, so much fun.

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