Natural bug spray. New Aluminum bottles with spring-loaded cover. 2 new added ingredients to help keep those flying pests away.



Karen Shaw-Smith just wanted to thank you for your anti bug lotion and spray. For some reason this poor little guy gets eaten alive usually. He can spend just an hour in our backyard and has a dozen bug bites. We went to the mountains this weekend and he spent at least 8 hours a day outside playing around a pond. He may have been covered in dirt, pond water and any other filthy substance he could find but he didn’t have a single bug bite. I also had the peace of mind of knowing that he wasn’t covered in chemicals. So thank you 

My new EVERYTHING NICE bug spray really works. SIX OUNCES. of product in a beautiful aluminum bottle with spring-loaded caps and a clear dome over that cap. I have the cream available on Etsy and I have been impressed with all of the testimonials.

With lots of research, I have created a bug spray that is natural. I have combined wonderful ingredients. You will like the scent, bugs will not. Six essential oils including eucalyptus and cloves. I have combined my natural essential oils with Aloe Vera Leaf Extract, glycerin, cucumber, Vitamins B, C and E and a few more surprises, but all natural surprises!


I love this bug lotion! I originally found it at the Christmas Inn and Spa in Jackson, NH. I picked up a small bottle for myself and two for co-workers. It works so well and I love it so much that I ordered three bigger bottles from Etsy. I think I have enough for the rest of the summer season but I'll be getting more next year as long as it's still being made!
Natural Anti Bug Lotion and Moisturizer. Made with cocoa butter, coconut oil, shea butter and more. No toxins, no parabens, no additives.

Always a free gift with every order! I appreciate your business.


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