Natural bug spray. 4 ounces in a sleek aluminum bottle with spring-loaded cover and then a clear dome over the cover.

My new EVERYTHING NICE bug spray really works. 4 ounces of product in a beautiful aluminum bottle with spring-loaded caps and a clear dome over that cap. I have the cream available on Etsy and I have been impressed with all of the testimonials.

With lots of research, I have created a bug spray that is natural. I have combined wonderful ingredients. You will like the scent, bugs will not. Six essential oils including eucalyptus and cloves. I have combined my natural essential oils with Aloe Vera Leaf Extract, glycerin, cucumber, Vitamins B, C and E and a few more surprises, but all natural surprises!

Always a free gift with every order! I appreciate your business.

Note: European Union and Australia orders - please send me a note and I will pull together a custom order for you.

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