Scar and Blemish Cream. Fragrance Free.


Natural Scar and Blemish Cream. FRAGRANCE FREE

🔹Antiseptic 🔹Moisturizer 🔹Heals skin🔹Moisturizing barrier🔹Improving your skins appearance 🔹Natural Preservative 🔹5 additional ingredients.

🔸Fragrance Free🔸Cocoa butter🔸Tea tree oil🔸Coconut oil 🔸Rose oil🔸Rose hip🔸Vitamin E🔸Shea🔸Aloe🔸6 ounces with Grape fruit oil.

The reviews are in. 

🤩I waited for my Aunt to finish a smaller jar and the results are in. It’s working on her radiation scars and scars from an operation.

💦Most importantly her skin feels hydrated and comfortable again (that’s what she told me)

My Grandsons baby acne went away immediately 


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