Natural Skin Care Crepe Lotion for your entire body. Rose Hip in every jar.

Julie Sullivan Makeup Artist/ Esthetician
I am in love .... i have used morning and night since i received it . My skin is so soft and just looks so much better just on day 4 .
So many of you have been asking me if I have a product for crepe skin.

I really love your newest lotion. I bought the lavender and will be purchasing the other scent too.

And applying my new crepe lotion created by Karen Smith for me from “Scented Soaps by Karen”. It smells so nice. My skin is so so soft. And it really works💜
So many of you have been asking me if I have a product for crepe skin.
9 years ago I created a product, face and eye moisturizer and I used many ingredients that would help people with crepe skin. (that is why I always suggested that you use on your neck and chest). Well, today I put together a product for your entire body, and if you are looking for help with crepe skin, yes, I've got you covered.
THERE ARE NO FILLERS. ABSOLUTELY NO PARABENS. AND NO Hyaluronic acid. You don't need anything more than the vitamins. Hyaluronic acid is just not my thing. I don't know what else to say, it's just not needed (in my opinion)
Rose Hip in every jar.
vitamins A, C, D, and E.
Pomegranate Seed Extract helps the skin retain moisture.
Carrot Seed Extract regenerates and tones your skin.
Grape Seed Oil is an antioxidant.
Shea Butter works beautifully for deep moisturizing.
I add vitamins B5 which helps products absorb into your skin.
8 additional all natural items. COMPLETELY NATURAL.

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