Pumpkin Face Mask with new soft pink brush. Brush the face mask onto your face, rinse your face with warm water. Rinse the brush, use it again.

Pumpkin Face Mask. New soft pink brush. Each jar and brush are tucked into a burlap bag with a pink or red heart!!

Pumpkin Clay Face Mask. Revitalize. Tone. Made with ♥️ by me, for you!
NEW JARS.  Each order includes a reusable brush.

Each jar contains green tea, lemongrass, 🍋 rosemary, 🍃Orange,🍊 and always my secret ingredients.
Always Natural. 
Simply apply to your skin with my beautiful face mask brush and leave on as long as you like (20-60 minutes)
A SECRET: Long day, paint the mask straight onto your skin, (yes, right over your makeup), wipe off with a warm face cloth! Simply amazing! Clean brush with warm water.

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